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Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open cell spray foam insulation is cheaper per unit of R-value than closed-cell foams. Open cell does not provide all the features that closed cell foams do:

Open cell foams are lower in R value (3.8 vs. 7.0). Open cell foams have tremendous sound attenuating properties (STC 38 in a 2×4 wall assembly) and make for a substantial air-seal at greater thicknesses. Open cell spray foam is vastly superior in performance to fiberglass, and although more expensive, has a relatively fast pay-back period (ROI) over fiberglass.

Open cell foam may cost less than closed cell foam, but it has a lower R-value per inch, so a thicker layer is required. If the framing members are deep enough to accommodate your required R-value, open-cell foam may end up saving you money.

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Technical Information from suppliers:

Lapolla Spray Foam

Demilec Spray Foam

Premium Spray Foam

Here are some examples of open cell spray foam. In open cell spray foam, the tiny cells of the foam are not completely closed. The trapped air causes the R-value per inch to be lower than closed-cell foam, but it also makes it an amazing sound attenuator!  In fact, open-cell spray foam is one of the highest quality and most effective sound attenuators on the market. They are broken and air fills all of the “open” space inside the material. This makes the foam feel softer than closed-cell foam.

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